Learn and help others at the same time

If you think that it was impossible, you are wrong because at Stacksocial you will be able to accomplish it. The website is a marketplace where you can get apps, gadgets and digital resources like e-Learning course bundles at up to 90% off, but this is not the best deal at all.

The best deal is the possibility that some vendors offer to donate a fixed percentage of your payment to a foundation, and this my fellas it’s a great win-win situation!

Some of the courses bundles have courses that are listed on other sites like Udemy with price tag way over than right now for a single one in this website:

White Hat Hacker Bundle (7 courses) – $12.77

Learn to Code Bundle (9 courses) – $13.69

AWS Engineer Certification Bundle – $29

Incredible iOS 9 Developer Bundle (8 courses) – $12.32

And a Microsoft Server Infrastructure Bundle that is not giving money to charity but I believe still is a good deal:

Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer: Server Infrastructure Bundle (from 70-410 to 70-414) – $59.99

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